These Shoes are Made for Walking : Oliver Moore in New York

Oliver Moore is responsible for some of the most beautiful handmade shoes in New York. The current owners, Paul Moorefield and Joan Silverman, have carried on the tradition of manufacturing the finest quality, custom-made shoes available anywhere.

The founder of the firm, Oliver Moore, learned the craft of shoemaking in England, and took his knowledge and love of tradition with him to the USA in 1878. Since that time, many famous personalities have been Oliver Moore customers, including Whitney Houston, Charlie Sheen, Walter Cronkite, Carol Burnett, Paul Anka, Glenn Close, Kathleen Turner, Katherine Hepburn, Steve Wynn....

A young shoemaker needs five or six years of professional experience before he can make a perfect Oliver Moore full-brogue Oxford.

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Our Specialty Shop at 856 Lexington Avenue in NYC

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Oliver Moore Bootmakers as seen on Martha Stuart Living